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If you are a professional woodworker or a series DIYer, then you must be equipped yourself with the latest and advanced tools to simplify your tasks. There are plenty of advanced tools available for all types of professionals working in different industries. For woodworkers, a Circular Saw is an essential tool to cut down woods precisely and smoothly. If you are searching for a new Circular Saw, then the Best Circular Saw Reviews are enlisted here. Before we jump on to the reviews, let’s collect some more information about this power tool first. 

What is a Circular Saw Machine? 

A Circular Saw is an advanced power tool for Woodworkers and DIYers who work on different projects with woods. A Circular Saw is designed to cut straight lines on a long and thick woods. The machine works smoothly and you can easily cut down the thick wood using this power tool.

It is designed with 100% safety of the user and hence it is covered with a protective case so you won’t hurt while using it for cutting down the woods. It features an adjustable base plate for precise and straight cutting. 

Serious Woodworkers and DIYers don’t want to compromise with their work and creativity, for the very same reason, they always search for advanced tools and machines which can help them unleash their creativity and prepare the best pieces for their clients. A circular saw is a life saver machine for such professionals and it is a must-have tool for their daily life use.

The market is full of competition and hence, there are numerous manufacturers of Circular Saw Machines available in the market. If you haven’t used such a tool ever in your life, then choosing the right Circular Saw is a bit challenging task for the consumers like you. You need to collect proper information about the Circular Saw Machine and how you can work with it. What things you need to check in a Circular Machine and a lot many more things you need to know first. 

5 Best Circular Saws in 2019 

Well, by following best circular saw reviews you will be able to pick the most affordable circular saw from the list for you. By following this list, you will be able to buy Circular Saws Online from their official websites and listings from the best eCommerce platforms. Let’s get on to the list of their reviews now! 

#1.Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw



  • A compact and versatile machine designed for all the professional woodworkers
  • Powerful motor cuts through hard materials
  • Works well with wood, flooring, ceramic tiles, metals, plastic etc.
  • Equipped with the latest Laser Guide Technology
  • Built-in depth adjustment lever
  • Cuts through all types of materials at ease
  • 2 Years Warranty on the product


  • The machine gets clogged easily and interrupts the tasks.


Woodworking tasks require precise measurement and this Rockwell’s Circular Saw is specially designed for the professional woodworkers and serious DIYers. It comes with precision and control hand in hand making the hectic woodworking tasks easier. The machine has an ultra-compact design making it a portable tool for easy to use functions. 

The portable design lets users use this machine with a single hand. It is equipped with the latest Laser Guide Technology which throws a cutting line on the wood surface which helps in precise cutting. You can easily power through the object using this laser guide technology. 

If you are serious about your work and want professional results every time, then this machine offers the desired results every time. This machine is compatible to work not only with Wood materials, but it also works well on other materials such as plastic, metal, ceramic tiles, flooring etc. The laser guideline throws an indicator light making it easier for the user to put the right cut on the selected material.

Apart from this, there is a dust extractor adapter also included in its design. This helps in keeping the cuts line clear for better visibility. This machine is designed with a rear motor construction which makes the machine stable while working on different materials. You don’t need to worry about the navigation as the rear-motor construction easily glides through the surface. This improves user control and provides proper balancing. 

Additionally, it comes with a number of safety features to keep you safe. The lock-off switch is located at the front side which prevents accidental starting. The body of this machine is covered with a durable material which also protects you from hurting yourself. Metal inner construction ensures better durability. 

Moreover, the machine also comes with a depth-adjustment lever which lets users move the indicator as per the required depth. User can easily adjust and lock the blade for precise and throughout cutting of the material. 

Being compact in size, this machine also reaches to hard-to-reach areas and enables you to cut down the tight parts easily without any hassle. The machine is designed to cut almost anything you want with ease and with 100% accuracy. 

The package of this unit includes all the essential tools and accessories. The company also provides a user manual with proper instructions to understand its functionality and various features of the machine. The unit is backed by a 2-Year warranty by the manufacturer on its parts and tools. 

#2. PORTER-CABLE PCE310 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Heavy Duty Magnesium Shoe Circular Saw



  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Works well on almost all the materials
  • Designed with a powerful 15 Amp motor which runs at 5,500 RPM
  • Safety features are included with lower guards
  • Easy Depth adjustment with Spindle Lock
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • No bevel stop
  • Limited accessories


Porter-Cable is one of the most trusted brands in the power tools industry. If you are searching for an affordable Circular Saw machine, then Porter-Cable’s new Circular Saw unit is here for you. The new 15 Amp heavy duty circular saw machine is currently the best in the market and is designed for all types of woodworking projects. 

The machine comes with a lower guard which glides through different materials at ease. It cuts down extra resistance from the wood and from the machine and provides easily gliding through the materials. It is also equipped with a dust chute helping users to view the cutting path. It removes unnecessary debris from the cutting way. 

It’s a powerful circular saw machine which cuts through hardwood objects and wooden sheets. The machine uses a powerful 15 Amp motor running at 5,500 RPM which provides powerful performance and works through different applications. 

With powerful performance, this machine is an ideal choice for heavy-duty cutting tasks. It is also an ideal machine for serious DIYers. The pricing of this machine is very reasonable and you won’t have any doubts when compare its features and performance with its pricing. 

The machine won’t bog down and works smoothly not just on wooden materials, but also works great on plastic, ceramic tiles and other materials at ease. For the safety of the users, this Circular Saw comes with a magnesium shoe. It also features an upper shoe and lowers guard to keep you safe while working on different applications. 

This Circular Machine is constructed with heavy-duty metal and plastic materials with added durability. The unit is designed to last for months and for all the small to heavy-duty applications. 

For precise cutting, this machine features a depth-adjustment lever allowing users to easily adjust the required depth on the material. It also features a Spindle lock which locks down the adjusted measurement. 

For easy handling of the machine, there is a handy Aux handle available on the machine. You can even use this portable and lightweight Circular Saw with a single hand without any issues. It works smoothly and glides through all types of materials effortlessly. It weighs only 9.0 lbs of weight which makes it the perfect Saw for the beginners who can’t handle a heavy-duty machine. 

Moreover, the package includes all the useful accessories and tools to help you work on almost all the applications at ease. Apart from this, you will also get a user manual with proper instructions to get started with this machine and to understand its features and functions. The company is offering 3 Years of Limited Warranty on the product from the date of purchase. 

#3. Genesis GCS545C 5.8 Amp 120 Volt 4-1/2 in. Control Grip Compact Circular Saw



  • Powerful and Durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easily cuts through different types of materials
  • Powered by a 5.8 Amp motor
  • Cuts through thick materials up to 2 Inches smoothly
  • Dust collection adapter
  • 2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • The machine has issues with the blades included in the package.


The new generation Circular Saw from Genesis is a powerful Circular Saw machine on the market. It’s a compact size Circular Saw which comes with a powerful motor. It works on all types of applications and on different materials at ease.

The ergonomic design of this Circular Saw provides powerful performance and enables users to use this machine with a single hand. Yes, you can use this machine with just one hand as it glides smoothly on any type of material such as hardwood, softwood and composites. It can even work on plastic materials and ceramic tiles.

This circular saw machine uses a powerful 5.8 Amp of motor allowing users to handle all types of applications. The machine is designed with high-grade metal and steel materials provide good durability. It uses steel gears for precise cutting on the selected materials. The gearbox is protected with cast iron and it also includes an upper blade guard for extra safety. 

No matter whether you are looking for a small duty machine or a heavy-duty machine, this Circular Saw cuts through all types of materials with extra thickness. With a single pass, it cuts through the materials easily and you won’t have any difficulties while working on the thick materials. 

For precise cutting, this unit has an excellent cutline allowing users to see the cutting line easily. For better control of the machine, this unit features a bevel and easily depth adjustable lever. Users can easily take full control of the material with a simple lever by pressing on to it. Rip guide is also included on the machine for a long cut on the hardwood materials. The cutting line won’t be missing and you can cut through the whole wooden sheet easily. 

Additionally, there is a separate dust collection port available on the machine which keeps the cutting surface clean. It removes debris and wooden dust from the cutting surface which improves the visibility. 

It’s a compact and lightweight unit designed for all types of professionals. The functionality of the machine is super easy and it provides maximum control and comfort. It works well on hard-to-reach areas and tight spots. Control grip lets users hold and control the machine comfortably. 

The package of this unit includes all the accessories and tools which are essential for different applications and different materials. A user manual is also included in the box for the understanding of the features and functions. The company is offering 2 Years manufacturer warranty on the product.

#4. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw



  • Lightweight and compact size unit
  • Cut ready depth adjustment angles
  • 0 degree to 45-degree cut adjustment
  • Powered by dual-motor technology
  • Features an anti-snag lower guard as an added safety feature


Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

A little expensive


Skilsaw offers a huge range of different types of Saws for professional workers in different industries. If you are a serious DIYer or working with different wooden objects, then you must be looking for a Circular Saw for precise cutting on the thick wooden sheets. Skilsaw’s Circular Saw is the most advanced and powerful Circular Saw machine which is available for all types of users. 

It’s a lightweight Circular Saw machine which is packed with a set of powerful features and functions. It’s a magnesium saw which comes with a worm drive gearing which provides required power and torque and works well with tight cuts and hardwoods. 

The machine uses 15 Amp of dual power motor which offers enough power to cut through thick wooden sheets. This machine is designed to work not only with wooden materials, but it also works well on different other materials such as softwood, plastic, ceramic etc. The material keeps the machine and motor cool even if you use it for hours. 

The 7-1/4 inch saw provides maximum cutting capacity at different angles. You will be allowed to change the cutting angle as per your requirements with an adjustable bevel lever. It also features a positive stop from 0 degrees to 45 degrees for various applications such as siding, decking, framing and ceiling. It also works well with engineered woods and glides the blades smoothly for precise cutting.

What makes this machine unique is it comes with cut ready depth adjustment levels. You can easily change the cutting mode by using the lever and the machine will put the selected cut. Anti-snag lower guard also included protecting the machine and user both from serious accidents.

The machine is powered by a dual-field motor of 15 Amp power which generates enough RPM to cut through hardwoods at ease. It uses advanced technology for keeping the motor and the unit cool.

Moreover, the functionality of the machine is easy-to-use and even a beginner can also use it for various applications. It works well with a single hand and puts the desired cuts throughout the material. The simple trigger button is there to control the Circular Saw, just plug in the machine and press the trigger button to start it, release the button to stop it.

All the essential tools and accessories are included in the box along with a user manual from the manufacturer. Additional manufacturer warranty on the product is also included by the manufacturer.

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  • Lightweight and Compact size Circular Saw Machine
  • Uses a Powerful 15 Amp of motor
  • Built-in Electric Brake
  • Easy to use trigger control
  • Separate blade storage
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Essential accessories are included
  • Manufacturer Warranty on the motor and its parts


  • Not suitable to work on materials like plastic, ceramics, flooring etc.


Dewalt is undoubtedly the best and most trusted brands in the power tools industries. The company has been providing all types of power tools and machines for all the industries and professionals working in different fields. If you are searching for an ideal Circular Saw machine for different applications, then Dewalt’s new Lightweight Circular Saw is the best option for you. 

It is designed with user-safety in mind as it provides well-balanced performance for the users. It’s a lightweight Circular Saw machine which weighs only 8.8 Pounds making it easier for the users to hold and use it with a single hand. The handle of this machine comes with a tough grip for easy holding. 

It comes with an electric brake which stops the blade when you release the trigger. It comes with an easy trigger to control the machine. Just press the trigger to start using it and release the trigger to stop the rotating blades with an electric brake. It comes with a ball bearing lower guard which enhances its durability and provides more safety. A smooth base of the machine offers precise cutting. 

The machine has an integrated dust blower which keeps the debris and wooden dust away from the path. You don’t need to manually clean up the cutting area as the built-in blower will remove all the debris quickly. It also features a patented tough cord which offers 3X durability and provides rough and tough use. 

Moreover, there’s a separate on-board blade wrench box available to store the blades when not in use. The company also offers a handy carrying case to safely store the unit and carry it along wherever you go. It is an ideal circular saw machine for most of the highly demanded applications. 

The company has added a number of safety features to ensure 100% safety of the users while working with it. It has a quick electric blade which stops the blade immediately when you release the trigger. It is constructed with high-grade metal and plastic materials which ensure its durability and long-lasting life. 

If we talk about the box, the box includes all the useful accessories such as a Circular Saw, blade wrench, circular saw blade of carbide material. Apart from the accessories, the box also includes a user manual with all the instructions and useful tips to help you using this machine safely while working on various applications. The company is also providing additional manufacturer warranty on the product upon request. 

These are the best Circular Saw Machines available on the market from the world’s trusted manufacturers. You can get the best of performance to work on almost all types of applications and materials. By following the above listed Circular Saw Reviews, you can easily buy circular saws online from the given link. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about the Circular Saw machine and its functionality, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide. The following buying guide helps you to understand the functionality of the Circular Saw Machine and how you can use it for various applications. Let’s get on to the guide now! 

Circular Saws : Buying Guide 

Advanced tools help professionals and workers to accomplish various tasks easily. If you are into the woodworking industry or a serious DIYer, then you must choose a reliable Circular Saw machine to cut through hard, soft and almost all types of materials at ease. Here, we have listed down everything that you need to check before finalizing on one particular product from the market. Let’s check out the parts and features of the Circular Saw machine first. 

Circular Saw Machine: Parts and Features

Carrying Handle of the Machine 

Most Circular Saws feature multiple handles I.e. Primary and Secondary handles. The Primary Handle features a Trigger to control the blade and the motor. As per your command, the motor starts and stops. When you press the trigger, the motor will start the blade will start rotating and when you release it, the motor will stop immediately. 

The Secondary Handle on the Circular Saw can be considered as an optional handle which helps you to hold the machine in the right direction while working. It helps the users while cutting a long wooden sheet with one go. 

Blade Guard 

There are two types of blade guards available on the Circular Saw machine, upper and lower guards. These guards are there to work as safety features. These guards keep the blade protected and users won’t hurt while working on different applications. The upper guard on the machine is fixed and can’t move, while the lower guard moves as per the blade’s direction. They can be adjusted using a suitable wrench. 

Make sure the lower guard is well fixed and don’t clog in between the cutting process. You need to check the functionality of the lower blade well before use. 

Depth Adjustment

Usually, a Depth Adjustment lever is located at the back of the Circular Saw unit within hands-rich. A user can easily adjust the depth of the cutting blade. The location of the Depth Adjustment is based on the type of the Circular Saw Machine. Manufacturers are also changing the placement of this feature from machine to machine. 

Depth Adjustment helps users to change the cutting depth of the material. Usually, heavy-duty Circular Machines come with a 2-Inch thickness of the Depth Adjustment feature. Depth Adjustment lever features indicators to check the angle and depth of cut. You can manually adjust it as per your requirements and can start using it on the material of your choice. 

Bevel Adjustment

Bevel Adjustment is a tilting feature that lets the user tilt the machine to match up with the desired angle of cutting. The tilting range of the Bevel Adjustment is from 0 degrees to 60 degrees and it can also be adjusted manually by the user. 

Usually, Bevel Adjustment is located on the front of the saw making it easier for the users to adjust it easily. It also uses a lock to stick with the selected level throughout the cutting process. It features a dial with degrees, you can rotate the dial to tilt the surface of the cutting angle. 

Blade Locking 

Black Locking Mechanism is essential in a Circular Saw Machine. It locks down the blade and enables users to start the cutting process. Usually, it comes with a suitable wrench to change and replace the blade. Users are allowed to use the wrench for changing and replacing the blade as per their needs. 

It is located at the right side beside or on the top of the blades. The blade changing or replacing process is easier with a suitable wrench which will be included in the box while purchasing a new Circular Saw Machine from the market. 

Blade Nut 

Blade Nut is located at the center of the blade. This nut attaches the outer blade with the motor of the saw. New generation Circular Saws come with a special type of wrench for adjusting this nut. You need to check the Blade Nut and its functionality. 

The baseplate

The baseplate is also known as the Shoe of the Circular Saw machine. This baseplate is very essential in a machine as it puts the machine on the surface of the wooden sheet or objects. The entire unit sits on this baseplate and lets users take full control of the cutting process. It also comes with a line to see the cutting area and glides the blade in the right direction for a precise cut. 

There are three types of shoes used by the most manufacturer which are made of Magnesium, Aluminum and Plastic. Some manufacturer also offers baseplate made from high-grade steel materials. To attract the new consumers, manufacturers are using different materials of the baseplate in their new generation Circular Saw machines. 

These are the most common parts or we can say features/ functions available on the new-generation Circular Saw Machines. You need to check all these features very well to understand the actual functionality of the machine and how you can use them in their daily life. 

Before making up your final choice on the Circular Saw Machine, you should need to know a lot of things about the Circular Saw Machine first. Here, we have enlisted all the things which are essential to know before you purchase the Circular Saw Machine from the market. 

Things to consider while purchasing a new Circular Saw Machine 

  1. Amps

Amp is a metric used to measure the power output of the Machine. Usually, most Circular Saw Machines use a motor of 15 Amp of power. The 15 Amp motor draws more power which makes the Circular Saw Machine even more powerful and can cut through thick and heavy-duty materials at ease. Always go with the machine with 15 Amp of the motor. 

  1. Blade Size and Blade Type

Blade Size is measured by its diameter and they are of different sizes for different applications. The type of blades is also different from material to material and you need to check for the compatibility of the blade in the machine as well. 

  1. Weight of the Circular Saw Machine

Weight is the most significant thing you need to consider as it helps you to use the machine comfortably for different applications. Advanced machines come with a lightweight and compact size so that you can easily use it for both, small and heavy-duty tasks. 

  1. The type of Circular Saw

Basically, there are two types of Circular Saw Machines available in the market, Corded and Battery Powered. Battery Powered Circular Saw Machines are not good and they come with poor performance. What we recommend to you is always go with the Corded Circular Saw machine which receives enough power from the power plug and produces required torque to handle all types of applications. 

  1. LED Lights

New generation Circular Saw Machines come with built-in LED lights to work in the low light area for different applications. LED lights are located somewhere on the top of the handle to illuminate the working area. LED lights are not included on all the Machines, only a few manufacturers offer LED lights on their machines. 

  1. Laser Guide feature

Laser Guide technology is offered by some manufacturers for a precise long cut on the wood sheets and other materials. This feature throws a straight line on the surface which helps you to glide the machine as per your direction. 

  1. Dust Port

Dust Port is yet another essential feature to look for while purchasing a new Circular Saw Machine. This port lets users attach a pipe to collect the dust and debris produced by the machine while working on different applications. 

  1. Dust Blower

Some Circular Saw Machines have built-in Dust Blower which blows away debris and dust from the working surface. It improves the visibility of the surface and helps users to cut through the right angle. 

  1. Depth-size

Depth-size is the cut size of the machine. If you are buying a new Circular Saw Machine for heavy-duty tasks, then you should pick the machine which comes with good depth-cut. By adjusting the bevel using the lever, you can increase the depth cut of the machine. Usually, it comes with 2-Inch thickness cutting of different materials including hardwoods. 

  1. Bevel Capacity

Bevel Adjustment comes with limited adjustment and the angle of the bevel is different from machine to machine. Most machines come with a standard 45 Degree of bevel angle and will go up to 50 Degree. 

  1. Warranty from the Manufacturer

Most Circular Saw Manufacturers offer a limited warranty on the motor and the entire unit. You should check the warranty included in the machine while purchasing it from the market. Check what’s included in the warranty and it will tell you how well the machine is and how good the manufacturer will provide their services to their customers. 

Essential Safety Tips for Circular Saw Machine 

  1. Put on Safety Equipment First

Whenever you are handling any power tool, you need to equip yourself with the compatible safety equipment first. Make sure you purchase the safety equipment compatible with the Circular Saw Machine before you start it for a particular application. Protect yourself with such equipment to have a fruitful result every time you use the machine. 

  1. Check the machine first

Instead of jumping directly on to the application or surface, make sure to check whether the machine is running properly or not. Do a test check of the machine first and then start the cutting process. 

  1. Learn to hold it properly

If you haven’t used a Circular Saw Machine, you need to learn how to hold it properly first. If you can’t hold the machine right, you won’t be able to accomplish the task. Practice a lot to hold the machine and you will get the desired results without hurting yourself. 

  1. Adjust the bevel angle

Bevel adjustment lets you tilt the machine to achieve the desired cutting angle. Make sure you adjust and lock down the angle as per the application and you will get the desired results. 

  1. Make sure you use Sharp Blades

Circular Saw Machines are designed to put a precise cut on different types of materials. Your duty is to direct the machine and not to force it to cut through the material. For the accuracy of cutting, always use sharp blades. If possible, always use a new blade for a new application to get the professional result from the machine. 


A Circular Saw Machine is an advanced power tool for the professionals who are working on different wood-related applications are a DIY enthusiast. The above buying guide helps you to understand the different features and functions of the machine. What you need to do here is go through the reviews of the affordable circular saws and pick the most suitable one which can fulfil your basic demands.