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Whenever you are working with wood or iron, it is obvious that you are going to have many tools in use to complete you work. But sometimes you have some kind of tools in hand that breaks again & again, and is not able to handle a little bit pressure too. One of those tools is the scroll saw blades.

If you are one of them who uses the scroll saw blades on a regular basis, and tired of fixing it often, then this tutorial is surely going to help you a lot. There are many ways to use a scroll saw blade, and here you will be finding some ways through which you can save your scroll saw blades from breaking.

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Eventually, if there is too much pressure on the scroll saw blades then it will break. So, let us see how to keep scroll saw blades prevent from breaking.

Steps to Follow to Keep Scroll Saw Blades from Braking:

Scroll Saw Blades from Breaking

Check the Tension on Scroll Saw:

When you are using scroll saw for cutting wood or other items. When there is a bit of tension or high tension on the scroll saw it might lead to the breaking of the scroll saw blades. So, you have to make sure that the tension or pressure on the scroll saw is balanced. In this case, it will not break.
With every tool like these comes a user manual. If you are not able to understand that how you can fix the tension problem in the tool, then you can take the assistance of the scroll saw.

Check Screws and Levers of the Scroll Saw:

Another reason of breaking the scroll saw might be the lose screws and levers. Check whether the screws are tight enough or not. If not, then you can simply fix it with the help of a screw driver. Adjusting the tension rod in the equipment is highly essential in order to use it in a proper manner, and save it from breaking.

Check the Quality of Saw Blades:

The quality of blades is one of the most essential things that needs to be checked. If the quality is poor, it will surely break, and will not function for a long time. Keep your budget a bit high when you are out to purchase the scroll saw blades.

Check the Corrosion and Rust:

As the saw blades are manufactured using iron, you have to keep an eye on them. Keep on checking that the blades are not attacked by rust or corrosion. Otherwise its condition will get worst day by day, and eventually your scroll saw will break.

If your saw blades are too old, then find out the accurate time, and change them before it’s too late. The condition of the holders attached into the blades gets poor when it becomes too old, so replacing becomes necessary.

Watch the Speed of Your Scroll Saw Blades:

At what speed your saw blades are moving is an important factor that you must take care of. If your saw blades are too fast, it will not cut the wood in a proper way, and if it is too slow then it will never cut the wood. So, balance the speed.


Mentioned above are the steps you need to consider if you want to prevent your scroll saw blades from breaking. These tools are really helpful for industrialist people, and they know already how to fix saw blades, and other tools.

But these tools might harm you as well if you don’t use it with proper safety measures. So, make sure all is fine with your saw blades, and you are keeping scroll saw blades save from breaking.
Stay tuned with us if you want to know more about the highly-featured equipment that you can use in your daily life at different places. We will be back soon with more interesting information.